At Carolina Innovations, we pride ourselves on taking our customers fixture design ideas from initial concept to product completion. From U/L approved products to wire fixtures, we can provide a wide variety of product solutions that help enhance your merchandising vision.

We recognize that a "one size fits" all approach is not what everyone is looking for in their fixture needs. While we have standard fixture designs, the products shown below are an indication of our capabilities, not the box we are going to try and fit you into. Let us turn your fixture ideas into reality. Not sure how you want to merchandise a product, we can help you with that as well. Together we can create great fixtures that showcase your products. Let us put our Innovation to work for you!

Wire & Tubing Displays

We can create custom displays for a full range of products from garden seeds to finger nail polish. Utilizing our two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we design and manufacture solutions for the retail industry. Put us to work with your team and let us create solutions for you.


Whether you need to display finger nail polish, perfume or anything in between; we can design and manufacture a display fixture that will enhance your product presentation. From LED lighting solutions to wire dump bins, let us put our experienced design professionals to work on your next project!

Food & Snacks

Let our award winning design professionals help create a merchandising solution for your food and snack items. We can create an integrated fixture solution to include signage and graphics to draw attention to your food products. We have worked with a diverse mix of products from snack cakes to beef jerky, so let us cook up a solution to your display requirements.


We have designed and manufactured displays for packets of seeds and flower bulbs. Let us partner with you to grow a display solution. Give us a chance to earn your display business by utilizing our design and manufacturing capabilities coupled with our exceptional customer service to provide you with a partner that wants to help you grow your business.

Lighting & Electrified Displays

Are you looking for a solution to electrify your products? We have developed customized fixture solutions for a range of products from LED lighting to thermostats. Utilizing our flexible insert system, we design fixtures that can be updated as your products evolve allowing you to protect your fixture investment by changing an insert rather than an entire fixture. Need graphics, we can provide excellent printed graphics as part of your fixture package in order to enhance your products presentation.


Utilizing our Power Line track; we can create custom, flexible lighting displays that can be mounted from the ceiling, in pallet racking or gondola shelving. Looking for a more free spirited merchandising solution for your lighting products, we can design that for you as well. From LED light bulbs to light fixtures our design staff can create a display that can power your product.


Whether you are looking to display one fan or a hundred fans, we can create a fixture that will allow you to merchandise and power your fans or just a light kit in order to draw the customer’s attention to your products.

Point of Purchase Displays

Are you searching for a partner that can design and manufacture your Point of Purchase displays, then let us put our experience to work for you? We have extensive wire and tubing manufacturing capabilities and a commitment to customer service! Let our team help you showcase your products.